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The G4 (Grandest 4) Ranking System is a tool to show the quality of every countries national selection process of their delegates in the field of beauty pageant. It is based on giving certain points to the four most recent final results of the four greatest pageants – Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth and Miss International.

Therefore, ranking of countries will definitely change every year because of exclusion of historical wins in the past decades. Its purpose is to help national organisers to understand better their selection processes and be able to make changes if the need arises.

Each titleholder gets a maximum of 120 points whereas runner-up finishes gets less than 20 points accordingly.

Example: 1st Runner-up : 100 points

2nd Runner-up : 80 points

3rd Runner-up : 60 points

4th Runner-up : 40 points

In circumstances that there are runner-ups after the 4th runner-up, the 4th runner-up is awarded 50 points and the other runner-up gets 10 points less.

Example: 1st Runner-up : 100 points

2nd Runner-up : 80 points

3rd Runner-up : 60 points

4th Runner-up : 50 points

5th Runner-up : 40 points

6th Runner-up : 30 points

Delegates who succeed the “first-cut” (e.g. semi-finalist, top 15 or top 16) are awarded 10 points.  However, if the “first-cut” has 20 or more but less than 30 delegates they are only given 7.5 points.

Delegates who succeed the “second-cut” (e.g. finalist, top 5, top 7 or top 8 ) are given 20 points.

In situations where there are no “second-cut” (as in the case of Miss International) 15 points are awarded to the representative. Moreover, 2.5 points are given to delegates who make it to the quarterfinals (defined as top 30 or more as long as they are published on the official website of the greatest four pageants).

To help us determine the current selection process of participating countries, greatest importance is given to the latest year of competition. Previous years are still counted however to a lesser degree.  Therefore, this ranking system will be based on the four latest results of each beauty pageants.

Example: 2011 – 100% of the total points of that year

2010 – 75% of the total points of that year

2009 – 50% of the total points of that year

2008 – 25% of the total points of that year

2007 – 0% of the total points of that year

Additional 30 points are given to countries when they place in four consecutive years in that specific pageant. This is to help us determine their “success rate” in that pageant.

In situations when there is a dethronement or relinquishing of crown, 30 points is deducted on that country and simultaneously awarded to the successor. The rationale for awarding these points is the obligations which are given to the successor. It is thus fair to award the successor of points deducted from the predecessor.

No points are awarded to minor or major awards due to the fact that these awards are not solely the basis of delegates entering the “first-cut”.



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