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The Melody of Denise Quiñones

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The recent announcement of Univision Puerto Rico to release the most anticipated music album of former Miss Universe, Denise Quiñones, on April 30 as reported in the media organization, Primera Hora, is great news to pageant fanatics worldwide. The Spanish-language television network is banking on the other untapped talent of the former Puerto Rican beauty by showcasing her silvery, soothing voice.

Miss Quiñones’ calming melody, as seen in one of her best singing engagements below, is uplifting to the  soul; a fact, beside the unquestionable angelic features that she possesses. She is, indeed, a great artist in the making who have found a niche for herself in the world of entertainment for the past years after her brilliant reign as Miss Universe 2001.

Another successful beauty queen that Puerto Rico has ever produced and a pride of the pageantry world! 



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