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The first quarter of the year has ended and more than 30 international beauties have been named to represent their countries in the Miss Universe 2012 competition on December.

The BlueBlack2010 has come up with our early favorites. Here they are, in alphabetical order:

BELGIUM: Laura Beyne might be a surprise to everyone. Her great warm smile is unforgettable coupled with her lovely dusky skin tone.  This lass is undeniably not your typical Belgian beauty. A possible semi-finalist if she continues to work around her strengths and captivates anyone with those gorgeous smiles.

CROATIA: Elizabeta Burg is angelic in every angle. This statuesque brunette with alluring eyes will give Croatia another shot to the Miss Universe crown since Sarah Cosic’s semi-finalist finish in 2009.

CURACAO: Amongst the black beauties, one can never overlook Monifa Jansen. Her ravishing toned body is  captivating and electric. With the transformation of Eva van Putten last year creating waves in Brazil; no doubt, Monifa will be a pleasant surprise once again.

CZECH REPUBLIC: 21 year old, Tereza Chlebovska, is another stunner from this European emerging powerhouse especially in the Miss Universe pageant. She exudes confidence and sexiness which will make this country even more stronger this year.

ECUADOR: From a rising powerhouse, Ecuador’s bet is definitely one of the best. Carolina Aguirre’s looks exemplifies a touch of intensity and sophistication. A strong contender to the Universe crown this year after Ecuador posted a solid, convincing win last year in the Miss International and Miss Earth pageant.

GUATEMALA:  Laura Godoy who is professional model in Guatemala is another Latina to watch out for. Her strengths include her commercial appeal and mystique eyes together with her experience in the catwalk. She might be Guatemala’s answer for the crown.

INDONESIA: 21 year old Maria Selena has been creating buzz over her recent transformations since her crowning last year attended by no other than the current Miss Universe, Leila Lopes. She was one of the girl-next-door-type who transformed to a sophisticated, lovely, young lady. One of the best Asians, so far, in the competition.

ISRAEL: This country in the middle-east was once a powerhouse in the first three decades of Miss Universe.     Lina Machola, a young blond with another angelic face, is a great choice to awaken this once strong country in the beauty pageant arena.

MALAYSIA: With the shocking exclusion of Deborah Henry in last year’s semi-finalists, Malaysia is counting on the mixed oriental and western looks of Kimberley Legget. Her sweet, lovely smile and her younger looks are absolutely her strongest weapons for the competition. 

MEXICO: Mexican Karina Gonzalez is one beauty that one cannot miss. Her unforgettable eyes makes her one hot lady that makes anyone sizzle. Another Latina beauty to watch out for.

POLAND: Marcelina Zawadzka is at present one of the tallest girls in the competition with a height of 180 cm. With this towering height alongside those whistle-blowing, very feminine looks will give her the edge to penetrate the semi-finals cut.

PUERTO RICO: This island nation makes wonders when it comes to beauty pageants and this year’s delegate, Bodine Koehler, is no exemption. The mystical-cum-ravishing looks of Bodine and a totally out-of-this-world body will make us love Puerto Rico even more. Another possible crown in the making.

SOUTH AFRICA: This 22 year old South African blond beauty queen is what this country need to penetrate once more the semi-final cut. Her elegant and sophisticated looks are clearly on the bag. This could be another moment for South Africa to bounce back to the competition.

SPAIN: Andrea Huisgen’s charismatic looks and flaming eyes will melt anyone just by staring at her. She’s one hot Spaniard that must be in our list.

VENEZUELA: Irene Esser’s divine and enchanting looks might be what this year’s competition is looking for.  Not to mention, that Irene hails from the Latin powerhouse of beauties, Osmel Sousa will not be content to transform this beautiful lass to her best. Undeniably, a strong delegate for the crown.


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