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Beauty Pageants and its Purpose: A 2012 Review

The world of pageantry has come along way from a beauty competition to an institution which showcase beauty,  friendship and purpose.

In this era of empowering women alongside the celebration of beauty, international pageants have grown to involve ladies in a competition that has purpose and relevance. Winners become ambassadress of change and promotion of the society.

Miss Universe Organization has been involved in the advocacy for HIV/AIDS and tropical diseases. This is apparent on their alliances with organizations such as God’s Love We Deliver, Latino Commission on AIDS, YouthAIDS  and the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases.

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Miss World, on the other hand, has its “Beauty with a Purpose“, which relatively works on international aid for the disadvantaged and needy, of which the children worldwide, are highly the recipient. Consequently, every year it awards a delegates with the most relevant and creative project for their selected community.

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Miss International is proactive in its charitable activities which are in cooperation with the International Culture Association in Tokyo, Japan. Most notable of these endeavors were the fundraising activities for the victims of earthquakes in the past years including the tsunami that affected the northeastern side of Japan last year.

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Miss Earth capitalizes on its environmental advocacy. Its foundation works with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Every year, the environmental agenda changes (This year it is Sustainable Energy For All.); but the core is the same – environmental protection.

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The 21st century has started the humanitarian involvement of beauty pageants, but work ought to be lasting and sustainable. Nevertheless, the works have been bsp;started, the challenge now lies for all four pageants to mark sustainability, endurance and stewardship for all their causes.


About blueblack2010

I am health manager by profession whose interests range from travelling to sports, from shopping to fashion; and from beauty pageants to science and politics. Web blogging has been an outlet for me to express my feelings, ideas and thoughts to issues that surround us. Most of the topics will be concerning my interests. Everyone is free to comment and suggest to these blogs.


2 thoughts on “Beauty Pageants and its Purpose: A 2012 Review

  1. I just recently emcomnted on the other page on the so called book of pageant. I am searching some infos regarding beauty events and products for my project. I am very grateful to have the chance to see some here and am very much pleased to know I can comment my appreciation here too.

    Posted by Lucio | March 19, 2012, 4:55 am
  2. The purpose of the arlicte was to give a pageant insiders perspective on how the pageant industry has been evolving from a stereotypical beauty showcase to a scholarship opportunity for young women who are passionate about a cause to become leaders in their community. The arlicte also touched on benefits of pageanty which seem hidden to many pageant skeptics (including my mother). The arlicte was written from a titleholders perspective on why I participate in pageants and what I have given to the pageant system as well as what it has given me.

    Posted by Gabrielf | April 21, 2012, 3:58 pm

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