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Earth’s Finests (Pre-Arrivals)

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Few more days and Miss Earth 2011, will finally kick-off in Manila, Philippines. This environmentally focused beauty pageant, named as one of the “Greatest Four” in the world of pageantry, will be showcasing more than 90 delegates from all over the world.

With the tradition that most pageant enthusiasts, including myself, take on scrutinizing the women before the arrivals take place. Here are my possible choices for the crown pre-arrivals. Take notice that this is based solely on pictures over the Miss Earth official website and other beauty pageant websites.

In alphabetical order:

Australia – Deedee Zibara

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Deedee’s bubbly personality is one that will make her standout amongst the rest, not to mention, her statuesque and alluring body. Her intelligence and grace when she answered her final questions during the Miss Earth Australia competition in Sydney has reverberated in my consciousness, making her my final choice for the crown that night. Although, she seemed neglected by most pageant enthusiasts, I for sure once she arrives in Manila will be unnoticed because of her bubbly personality.

Bolivia – Valeria Avendaño

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This girl from the city of La Paz, Bolivia is another girl to watch out for. Her body exudes with ooomph which makes her unnoticeable especially with her lovely curves. Her mole on her upper lip makes one to ‘tunnel vision” on that mesmerizing smile which complements her attractive eyes.

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Aleksandra Kovacevic

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This girl’s mysterious and captivating eyes are her solid weapons come pageant. Aleksandra’s beautiful lush hair complements these eyes. This Balkan beauty  will sizzle Manila once she steps up her confidence and brings more than a pretty face come pageant night.

Brazil – Drielly Bennettone

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Brazil’s representative is another shoo-in in this edition of Miss Earth, not because she is representing Brazil, but because of her  elegance. Her height, towering at 184 cm, is one bag-of-trick that makes her stand out more in the catwalk. Her beauty is unique compared to the sultry Priscilla Meirelles, Brazil’s first ever Miss Earth winner in 2004.

Chile – Camila Stuardo

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This Andes beauty might give Chile its second crown due to her ravishing eyes complemented by a sweet, solid smile. Camila embodies a glamazon look with those seductive curves and long legs that she possesses. She might give Chile another Miss Earth crown or perhaps one of the elemental crowns.

Colombia – Andrea DeVivo

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Andrea reminds me of Colombia’s MI representative, Natalia Valenzuela, with those captivating eyes, sleek nose and lovely smile but a finer and more elegant version. I just hope that she doesn’t fade through the competition once she arrives in Manila like the way Natalia was in Chengdu.

Costa Rica – Mariela Aparicio

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Mariela is one of those delegates that will be heading to Manila with an international experience in the pageant field. Her semi-finalist stint in the Miss International 2009 will give her the edge amongst other delegates. Her proportionate-toned body will make her standout more coupled with those petite lips and strong jaw-line features.

Crimea – Nina Astrakhantseva

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Her pea-cock inspired Glamazon shot is hot and sultry. She captivates anyone with those alluring curves and seductive eyes of hers. This beauty from the European country of Crimea is one of the girls to watch out for come pageant night. I would love to see her snatch one of those elemental crowns for Europe on the finale night.

Czech Republic -Šárka Cojocarová

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Another beautiful and internationally experienced girl is representing this nation by the name of Šárka Cojocarová. Her light blue eyes complements perfectly with her sweet smile which makes her unnoticeable when she arrives in Manila. Her experience in minor pageants such as the Miss Teen International in 2009 (2nd runner-up) and Miss Globe International 2008 (Top 12) will drive her more to reach the coveted crown of Miss Earth 2011.

Ecuador – Olga Alava

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Ecuador’s tanned beauty is elegantly beautiful and mesmerizing. She might be pressured to work harder in Manila to overcome her country’s feat in Miss Earth when Jennifer Pazmiño was crowned  Miss Air 2010 in Vietnam (Later, relinquishing it since she was about to marry her fiance.); however, her attractive looks and dazzling body will do the trick for her.

England – Roxanne Smith

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Roxanne Smith is one of those beauties you can not take your eyes from. This English lass might give her country a semi-finalist spot because of these attributes however her height of 165 cm is her downfall. Nevertheless, she is still a shoo-in for me on finals nights because she exudes beauty and confidence.

Guatemala – Ana Luisa Montufar

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These lady from Central America is dazzling with those strong fine eyes and jaw line structure complemented by a whistle-bait body. Another Glamazon on the rise to watch out for.

India – Hasleen Kaur

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New Delhi beauty, Hasleen Kaur, is one of the strongest and well-prepared girls amongst the delegates. Her unique and mind-blowing looks are both mesmerizing and charming. However, with  the current Miss Earth Nicole Faria, hailing from the same nation as hers, it might be a big battle for her to get a back-to-back crown. Nonetheless, an elemental crown might be  hers if she exudes the same confidence and elegance as Miss Faria did last year in Vietnam.

Israel – Huda Naccache

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Israel’s representative gives me a both a mysterious and lady-warrior vibe. Her features remind me of Sarah Jessica Parker, however younger and minus the blond-curly hair. What sets her aside from Parker is her enchanting beauty and dazzling body. Israel’s best delegate amongst the big four pageants this year.

Italy – Angelica Parisi

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One of the pretty faces that Italy has ever crowned is Angelica Parisi. Her attractive big eyes and sweet, lovely smile makes her stand out of the crowd. I just hope that she does well in the catwalk to help her penetrate a spot on finale night.

Japan – Tomoko Maeda

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She is one oriental beauty with a lovely smile. Although, short at 168 cm, she exudes confidence in most of her pictures.

Kosovo – Nora Asani

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Kosovo’s delegate has these captivating, attractive, big eyes which makes one focus on them as you see her. She registers on most photos as mysterious and seductive. I must say her body is exquisitely fine; just looking forward for a great catwalk to complement it.

Mexico – Casandra Becerra

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Her eyes are as fiery as those of Nicole Scherzinger, lead of Pussy Cat Dolls and X-Factor US mentor. With a very gorgeous and tanned look she might just win Mexico’s first Miss Earth and give back the nation a flattering performance in the Big 4 pageants.

Peru – Maria Gracia Figueroa

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Beautiful face that captivates is Maria Gracia’s greatest asset; however, she lacks a bit of sexy factor in most of her pictures. Nonetheless, she is one pretty face to watch out for.

Puerto Rico – Agnes Benitez

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Amongst the P-group of Miss Earth, she is definitely the prettiest and most captivating. She exudes confidence and sexiness in most of her pictures. Another great beauty which might complete a great year for this island nation in the Carribean in the pageant world.

Russia – Marina Maslova

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Although, Russia’s replacement to Tatiana is not as sweet and captivating as her, Marina is still beautiful in her own merits. She captures great on photos and registers an unforgettable face.

South Africa – Dominique Mann

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She is one of the best African delegates I have seen in this year’s Miss Earth edition. Beautiful face and alluring eyes are her best weapons coupled with great cheekbones and sexy body.

Sweden – Renate Cerljen

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This Swedish beauty is a cut-above-the-rest with looks comparable to Cheryl Cole, a Bristish singer and X-Factor UK judge. Her strings of accomplishments in the international pageant world include a Top 15 finish in Miss Universe 2009 and 4th Runner up spot in Miss Beauty of the World 2010 will give her more edge to capture that elusive crown of Miss Earth for Sweden.

Ukraine – Kristina Oparina

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Kristina Oparina of Kharkov, Ukraine has these attractive hazel-brown eyes that makes me one noticed her immediately which is also perfectly complemented by her divine smile and long- brunnete straght hair. To sum it up, her looks reminded me of Minorka Mercado, Miss Venezuela Universe 1994.

Venezuela – Caroline Medina

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Caroline is definitely one girl to look forward once competition starts as she is not just well-prepared and experienced (Reina Hispanoamericano 2010), but one beauty that will absolutely stand out on finale night. Though she might not be as lovely and dazzling as Alexandra Braun, Miss Earth 2005, she has the edge on the catwalk as she walks with elegance and grace.

Zambia – Akamandisa Inambao

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She is the best black delegate so far and one of the best from the African continent. She exudes confidence and a unique beauty which I reckon will absolutely standout. Her dusky skin-tone complements her lovely looks and dazzling body.


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