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Miss World 2011: Pre-Arrival Favourites

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The 61st Miss World is around the corner and it is about time to list our pre-arrival favourites. Preferred top 30 based on pictures circulating the net are the following:

  1. Uruguay – Karina Belen Sogliano Maldonado
  2. Poland – Angelika Natalia Ogryzek
  3. Russia – Natalia Gantimurova
  4. Australia – Amber  Jade Greasley
  5. Colombia – Monica Restrepo
  6. Sweden – Nicoline Artursson
  7. Venezuela – Ivian Lunasol Sarcos Colmenares
  8. USA – Erin Cummins
  9. Trinidad and Tobago – Lee-Ann Forbes
  10. Ethiopia – Melkam Endale
  11. Philippines – Gwendoline Ruais
  12. Angola – Edmilza Nicosia Mota dos Santos
  13. Vietnam – Victoria Pham
  14.  US Virgin Islands – Esonica Mictecia Veira
  15. Serbia – Milica Tepavac
  16. India – Kanistha Dhankhar
  17. Czech Republic – Denisa Domanska
  18. South Sudan – Atong De Mach
  19. Ireland – Holly Carpenter
  20. Puerto Rico – Amanda Victoria Vilanova Perez
  21. Spain – Carla Garcia Barber
  22. New Zealand – Mianette Broekman
  23. Netherlands – Jill Lauren De Robles
  24. Mexico – Gabriela Palazio Diaz De Leon
  25. Egypt – Donia Soliman
  26. Dominican Republic – Marianly Tejada Burgos
  27. Korea – Kyung Min Doe
  28. Denmark – Maya Celeste Padillo Olesen
  29. Aruba – Gillain Alicia Berry
  30. Moldova – Veronica Popovici
This list will most likely change once delegates have finally arrived in London where we get to see more of their candid photos and how they participate in all activities.

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One thought on “Miss World 2011: Pre-Arrival Favourites

  1. Miss Philippines,good luck…..go go go…… Godbless

    Posted by Anne | October 17, 2011, 7:19 am

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