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Miss International 2011: Initial Charmers II

As Miss International 2011 is just a few weeks left (4 weeks to be exact!), it is just time to include some delegates that have captured my attention whom I honestly overlooked in the first part of my blog entitled: Miss International – Initial Charmers. This is the reason why I intended to make a second and last part of the said blog, to give due respect to their unique and stunning looks.

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Firstly, Miss USA, Kristen Little is an elegant beauty whose looks are far more different that the usual Miss USAs who are blondes or brunettes and fair-skinned. This lass from New Mexico has been able to stand out in her national due to her charm, great body and striking beautiful eyes. She is in no doubt another stunner in the competition.

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Secondly, Keity Mendieta who is representing Panama is another gorgeous Latina beauty. What makes her stand out are her seductive eyes and her sultry ravishing body.

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Miss Hawaii, Shanna Nakamura, is a girl full of charisma complimented by her impressive smile and sun-kissed, tanned body tone. A beauty that will definitely give a great impact in Chengdu.

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Slovak Republic’s delegate, Dusana Lukacova, is one of Central Europe’s gems. Her sweet smile and dazzling eyes entrap a person’s attention to her lovely, angelic face.

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Lastly, Elishia Sahota, Canada’s representative is sizzling with elegance and charm. Her beautiful face mesmerizes anyone who will see her; another great candidate to watch out for come pageant night.

Our list has been finally completed. Without a doubt, Miss International 2011, is going to be as exciting as the other four grandslam pageants with heaps of gorgeous, fresh and beautiful faces. Certainly, Chengdu, China will be showered once again with attractive beautiful ladies.


About blueblack2010

I am health manager by profession whose interests range from travelling to sports, from shopping to fashion; and from beauty pageants to science and politics. Web blogging has been an outlet for me to express my feelings, ideas and thoughts to issues that surround us. Most of the topics will be concerning my interests. Everyone is free to comment and suggest to these blogs.


3 thoughts on “Miss International 2011: Initial Charmers II

  1. Kristen Little is absolutely stunning!

    Posted by K Bernal | October 3, 2011, 7:11 am
  2. Aloha Miss Hawaii, everyone’s idea of paradise, with the perfect incarnation of poise and charm in Snanna

    Posted by Catherine Bayne | October 13, 2011, 1:25 pm
  3. take a second good look at miss philippines…she’s a stunner.

    Posted by mike espinosa | October 14, 2011, 10:55 pm

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